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Modern Anthro chart by ShaeButtah Modern Anthro chart by ShaeButtah
So here is a new chart for Modern-Anthro
I noticed in the comments for the previous one that the images weren't 'clear enough', I honestly didn't know if they could get any clearer than that, but I did understand I guess. I'm a contributer to the group so feel free to ask questions on the group page if this still confuses you somehow.

Obviously not allowed as it's an Anthro group.

These are also not accepted in the group mainly because they are basically still Humans, they just have the added animal ears, tail, etc.

The main thing that is looked at when accepting Anthropomorphic characters in the group is the snout/face.
- Anthro character with very short or no snout, and/or more 'human like' appearance: Accepted
- Anthro character with medium size or large snout, and/or animal like in appearance: Not accepted
This group simply likes to define Short snouted, anthro's as 'Modern' (hence the group name) and longer snouted Anthro's as 'Classic'. It's that simple.

No one here is 'disqualifying' your characters from being Anthro because it gets declined. Please try and be understanding with this groups rules. There are plenty, if not BARE groups which accept Anthro characters of any type but this group is only looking for short snouted ones. This group is also for people who's characters would be described as being 'too human'.
This is just a basic reference for telling the difference between the types.
You can find the full rules here: REDUX Rules and Guidelines
Like I said, feel free to ask questions if you're confused.

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February 18, 2013
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